I began teaching privately as a high school junior in 1989. My students have included beginners, middle school, high school, and college students as well as a few adults. I'm currently a faculty member at Concordia University.

For seven years on faculty at DePaul University, I taught music education majors how to play the bassoon and how to teach it to others. That experience helped me define this...

My Teaching Philosophy:
Show students how to find the answers and solve problems themselves. It is important to not only guide students to the answers but to ensure they comprehend the process with which they are attained. Teaching students how to teach themselves will make their own practicing more productive and efficient.

Private Lesson Rates:

 $50  1 hour  (required for college/adults; recommended for high school)
 $40  45 minutes  (required for high school; recommended for 8th-graders and younger)
 $30  30 minutes  

When teaching on school premises, some districts require that I use a fee schedule different than my own. The rate and duration may be different and inflexible. Contact me for details.

Current and prospective students... Please visit the Students section for important information and documents.