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K & M Bassoon / Bass Clarinet Stand

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Used for 4 years.
In perfect working condition.
Includes improvements!

For Sale


The mechanism that holds the tripod in place often slipped and I would find the base resting completely on the floor. To keep it from slipping, I scored the shaft to lock in the two rings that tighten on it.
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In this image, you can see the rings locked in place. I also replaced the original fastener with a stainless steel wing bolt.

I also replaced the top fastener with
a stainless steel wing bolt.

The felt-lined rest that holds the bassoon was too narrow to accept the width of both long and wing joints together without crushing the whisper key mechanism; so, I widened it.

The cork serves 2 purposes: it provides the proper amount of space to hold the long joint without any horizontal movement, and it holds the wing joint in a position that keeps the whisper key mechanism from being crushed.

With the bassoon in place, notice the snug placement of the
long joint and the gap around the whisper key mechanism.

With all these improvements, I'd hope K&M hires me as a consultant
to design their next bassoon stand! Or, at least redesign this one.